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Raising awareness about Hygiene and Sanitation in Communities.

Personal hygiene is a fundamental ingredient to healthy living. Clean and safe water topped with good hygiene practices constitute the hygiene of an individual. With the scarcity of water and lack of  awareness programs  amongst people living in rural areas, there exists poor hygiene management amongst most  women in rural communities. 

We understand that the scarcity in the hygiene facilities such as clean water springs, toilets/ latrines, and high prices of soap, people living in the rural areas in Uganda suffer from the effects of poor hygiene management .

On the other hand,  women and girls hold a lot of responsibilities in keeping and maintaining homes. While they fulfill their many responsibilities, they tend to pay little  attention  to their hygiene resulting into major spread of diseases. 

Our approach at Women and able hands  is to train communities on good hygiene practices including, guarding their water springs from waste disposal, bathing, washing hands with soap before and after meals and using latrines, encourage communities to build latrines for proper waste disposal.

Women and Able hands Initiative  also provides training on proper menstrual hygiene maintenance. This includes skilling women how to make reusable sanitary pads to use during menstruation.   Even though women know the benefits of proper use of these hygiene products, a number of them encounter difficulties in purchasing these products and can barely afford them. This is why training them on how to make their own products with high hygiene standards is the best option.

Our approach

We train Women and girls on good hygiene practices.

Even though we do not install the hygiene facilities in communities, we train the members from the community on how to maintain the available hygiene facilities and improve their health standards.  

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Menstruation Hygiene
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Wash Hands
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Proper Waste Disposal
Guard Water Springs

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